Professor Dianne Morrison-Beedy

Chief Talent & Global Strategy Officer
Centennial Professor of Nursing
The Ohio State University.
Columbus. Ohio. USA.

Topic: It’s time for faculty to put on their intrapreneurial hat.

Large organizations, such as academic settings, offer a wonderful opportunity to build innovation and your entrepreneurial spirit. It’s time for faculty to think about how they can turn their ideas into innovations and address how faculty can make the world better by facilitating translational science.

Olivier Leclerc

Head of Intrapreneurship
Paris, France

Topic: Why we LOVE intrapreneurs.

Safran is a world leading aviation and aerospace company based in Paris. They have an internal intrapreneurship program called “We love intrapreneurs”. In this presentation Olivier talks about his role as Head of Intrapreneurship, the process they use at Safran to facilitate and progress intrapreneurship and the value that the program is creating.

Sameel Deoji

School Captain
St. Paul’s School
Brisbane. Australia

Topic: Think teenagers can’t be intrapreneurs? Think again!

Unorganised. Moody. Impulsive. These are stereotypes used all too often in relation to teenagers. In this interview with Sameel Deoji, Teenage Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur, we will uncover how everyday teenagers can be intrapreneurs. It doesn’t take a degree or a corporate job to be an intrapreneur. Yes, teenagers may be unorganised, moody and impulsive sometimes, but that doesn’t stop them from developing and demonstrating intrapreneurial traits – making their schools and communities better places to be. Sameel will share how throughout his schooling journey he thrived on the opportunity to be intrapreneurial, without even knowing it! COVID impacted everyone, including schools, so Sameel will also be talking about how the pandemic catalysed the intrapreneurial skillset within him to be a teenage intrapreneur.

Sabrina Ben Salmi

Mother of the Year Award Winner. Ranked No.2 Most Inspirational Black Women UK.
London UK.

Author of How To Future Proof Your Child.

Topic: Raising *Preneurs.

Sabrina Ben Salmi has raised five remarkable children ranging in age from 8 to 21, who are all already successful *preneurs in their own right. Sabrina believes that, “Inside each and every child is a sacred gift because they are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. Therefore, our role as parents is not to teach them how to be, but merely open up to receive the learnings that they’ve come to bestow upon us and the world.” She will be sharing her secrets for how to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset within young people so they can succeed in whatever context they find themselves in.

And meet all the Ben Salmi children as well.

Chandramouli Srinivasan

Chief Executive Officer
Feedback Insights
Bangalore. India

Topic: The data shows that intrapreneurialism is the new competitive advantage for organisations.

In this presentation Mouli walks us through a number of data points from his firm’s first hand research that show us what employees REALLY want, what will attract them and keep them loyal to the company and what all this has to do with intrapreneurialism.

Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw

Founder and CEO
Global Intrapreneurs Institute
Brisbane. Australia

Topic: INTRAPRENEURS: Skilling up for the new world

Intrapreneurs will be the most in-demand employees in a talent hungry world looking for enterprising change-agents who can help with the ‘Great Transformation’. At a time when organisations and businesses in ALL sectors are heeding the urgent call to adapt quickly to a disrupted world, INTRAPRENEURS have emerged as the driving force for change. They have a skillset that makes them highly effective future-shapers. Find out what that skillset is and how to nurture and develop it for maximum impact and success.

Victoria Holtz

CEO Moveminds Latin America
Mexico City

Topic: Intrapreneurialism at a Global Scale: How to go from ideas to tangible success

Find out how organisations are unleashing talent at a global scale through intrapreneurship, design thinking and co-creation. Victoria shares her experiences of helping to create the kind of organisational culture that people are proud of and the exponential results this yields for the organisation.

Part of the presentation will be in Spanish with English subtitles.

Dr. Rahma Chouchane

Institute for Entrepreneurship National Bank at HEC Montreal. (HEC is the graduate business school of the University of Montreal. First established school of management in Canada)
Quebec, Canada

Topic: How Intrapreneurialism Promotes Psychological Well-Being in employees”

At a time when the psychological and mental health of workers has become a critical issue within workplaces, Dr Chouchane shares her current research showing that supporting the intrapreneurial behaviour of employees reduces stress and burnout, increases engagement and promotes psychological well-being.

Presentation will be in French with English subtitles.

We will also hear from the Winners of the OUTSTANDING INTRAPRENEURS AWARDS who will briefly share their stories about how they implemented their intrapreneurial initiatives.


Meet our global panel of young intrapreneurs. Find out what teenagers and students think about the importance of intrapreneurialism and how they are already ‘intrapreneuring’ in their contexts.

Taj Pabari MASE


CEO of ASE Group
Brisbane. Australia

Taj Pabari, at 21, is the CEO of The ASE Group – a community-led and purpose driven social enterprise that delivers education, entrepreneurship and employment programs to young people aged 5 to 24 years. ASE has partnered with Government, the Private Sector and Educational Institutions to deliver real and authentic entrepreneurial education for more than 100,000 young people.

Taj was named The Australian Young Innovator of the Year for 2014 and in 2017, he was awarded Young Australian of the Year for Queensland. He is the youngest recipient of the award since its formation in 1979.

Taj’s work in education and background in youth entrepreneurship have led him to speak at schools, conferences, festivals and corporate functions around the world. He has appeared as an education commentator in Australia on Channel 9 and Channel 10. He has given three TEDx talks and has been a keynote speaker at the World Science Festival alongside Nobel Laureate, Brian Schmidt.


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